To twitter or not to twitter?

I hoper you will allow me a diversion from normal posting to write about Twitter for a post. I know this has been a massive news agenda and in the last month mainstream media talk about twitter has gone of the chart. For me I was formally goaded on to Twitter on February 15th by my friend Alex Pearce. The main reason for joining was so I could fully validate why it was ridiculous- I needed to understand it to take it apart if you like. Although I am in no way ‘addicted’ I now find myself recommending the service to my blog readers and encouraging them to join if they haven’t, in certain circumstances. If you have joined, are a regular or are thinking of joining can I ask you to follow me so that I can follow you and further our conversations? This is easy to do- ignore the follow link below if you are logged into twitter, just click on my name below and click follow on the page which comes up.

So why and when would you join? If you are in education or working in Sharepoint and want to keep up with the main news and information in your field then Twitter makes a lot of sense. I follow largely people I do not directly know but have met through other teachers and technologists on twitter. Most of what I used to search or look for now comes to me on twitter and I feel comfortable dipping in when I have a bit of time. If you are sufficiently interested to give it a go but don’t actually get twitter (I definitely didn’t when I joined and for a few days) then take a look at this video for 2 minutes and it will all make sense.


I don’t watch a lot of television but one of my favourite programmes is ‘The Daily Show’ with Jon Stewart. A while back he did a great piece ridiculing the use of twitter. If you have a few minutes check this out and then give twitter a go anyway!

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart M – Th 11p / 10c
Twitter Frenzy
Daily Show Full Episodes Important Things w/ Demetri Martin Political Humor


  1. Ian G says

    I’d echo what you say Mike. My introduction to Twitter was at about the same time as yours, for similar reasons and I was approaching it from the same standpoint.

    It soon became clear that Twitter wasn’t simply another distraction, but an additional tool which I could employ in widening the circle of knowledge, expertise and experience from which I draw support. Like other ‘social’ network tools, I tend not to exploit the social aspects, but prefer to reframe them as ‘professional learning’ network tools. Instead of having to actively search for inspiration, ideas and resources, my professional learning network is continually pointing me towards potential opportunities I might otherwise miss. Magic!


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